Announcing: The Pocket Power Plus...

New Pocket-Sized Device
Lets You Create Your
Own Personal "Micro-Grid"

Can Charge (Or Run) ALL Of Your Electronic Devices... And... Jump-Starts Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks... Even Buses!

Best Part: It weighs less than 1 pound and can fit in your shirt or pants pocket... and... for a limited time you can get one (or more) of these amazing units at more than half-off the normal retail price!

Here's the incredible story:

In today's world we all seem to have multiple electronic gadgets (that are extremely important to us and our family) that must be charged over and over.

And there are few things more frustrating than realizing your cell phone, laptop or other mission-critical device is dead (or almost dead) before you head out the door for the day... because...

You Forgot To Charge
It The Night Before! 

Hi, Bill Heid here with some absolutely amazing and exciting news.

Let me explain:

As part of my mission to bring you the latest and greatest in off-the-grid gear, I literally travel around the world.  And I do so quite frequently.

That being the case, and because I run several companies, it's a must that I stay in touch with my teams of employees back here in the states.  And I don't know what your experience has been but, if you do travel the globe like I do, you KNOW that isn't always easy... because...

Charging Your Devices Overseas
Can Present A Real Challenge!
Electronics In Europe
Overseas plug-ins are
often entirely incompatible
with your American devices.

For example: In Europe, you'll find two different kinds of plug-ins (one for Britain and another for continental Europe) that are totally incompatible with your "American" devices.  Further, you may also need a voltage converter as well, because Europe's electrical system is different from the United States (220 volts vs. 110 volts).

And in remote places like Belize or Costa Rica, sometimes the power goes in and out with regular frequency.  Hey, even the Florida Keys can present power challenges regularly. 

Not to mention outages caused by other emergency situations.

Not good.  Not good at all when you have several businesses, your family and scores of employees relying on you to keep things moving forward.

So, for the last two years, I have been on a frantic search (literally scouring the globe) looking for a reliable, portable backup power solution.  And to be quite frank...

It Has Been Frustrating!

Don't get me wrong.  I've found several.  But no matter what the manufacturer says, if the unit is light and small, it's underpowered.  Or, if the unit is powerful, it's way too heavy and bulky to be practical... that is...

They Just Don't Perform
As Described... UNTIL NOW!

Recently, due to a breakthrough in battery technology (which I'll discuss in a bit), I found a personal, portable backup power unit that more than lives up to every claim it makes.  It's called the...

Pocket Power Plus

This device is truly amazing and very cool.

Pocket Power Plus
The Pocket Power Plus looks
pretty ordinary for a device that's...
practically nuclear.

First of all, it is truly compact.  The unit is just a little larger than a smart phone.

Second, it's truly powerful.   Here's a real life example: David Fink, our former chief electrical engineer at Solutions From Science had an illness that prevented him from riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle for roughly 9 months.  Well, needless to say, after all that time his battery was dead as a doornail when he did go to start it. 

Dave's doing great now and, when he got back to work recently, he decided to put the Pocket Power Plus to the test by taking it home to try and jump-start his bike.  Although he was doubtful it would work, (he's a grumpy engineer after all) his Harley fired right up within the first few cranks!

Now, if you know anything about Harleys, you know this is quite a feat.  Their high-compression engines are very hard to turn over.  Especially one that hasn't been started in for a long time like Dave's. 

I mean, if you're old enough, you've almost surely seen a big, burly biker standing on one side of his Harley (in heavy riding boots using his full weight) trying to kick-start his bike over and over. 

These days, they have hefty electric starters that do the job... but nonetheless... the engines are still just as hard to turn over.

Third, and it's truly portable.  The unit comes in a handy carrying case that contains everything you need, zips up completely... and... all told, weighs less than one pound.

These three things--truly compact, truly powerful and truly portable--were the main criteria I was looking for.  But the Pocket Power Plus not only met that criteria, it exceeded my expectations more than I ever could've imagined.

Here's what makes this device the most amazing personal, portable backup power system ever developed:

Charge All Family Electronics
These days the average family has
a lot of devices to power.
  • It will charge ALL your electronic devices.  (With 16 different kinds of adapters, there's no popular electronic gadget this device won't be compatible with.  On top of that, there's also a USB charging port for extra compatibility insurance!)
  • It will run ALL your electronic devices, too!  (For example, you can run: An iPad for 18 hours.  A Kindle for 32 hours.  An iPhone for 64 hours.  An iPod for 150 hours.  Or, you can even use it to DOUBLE your laptop's battery run time!)
  • The unit is small and can literally fit in your shirt or pants pocket!  (Or, you can put it in its handy carrying case--with all the accessories you will ever need--and throw it in your luggage, travel bag, purse, backpack, etc.)
  • You can jump-start nearly any vehicle with the included jumper cables!  (We've started a car, truck, motorcycle... even... a bus!  Not just once, either.  A single charge will jump-start a car about 20 times!)
  • It's a perfect backup power device for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, picnicking, boating, motorcycling, beach activities, trips to remote locations and more.  (It's also great for business travelers... on the ground or in the air.)
  • When plugged into a standard wall outlet, the Pocket Power Plus charges in about 5 hours.  It can also be charged by your automobile with the included 12 volt DC adapter.  (It has a row of indicator lights that shows how much charge you have... and... depending on conditions, a full charge lasts from 3 to 6 months!)
Jumpstart A Car With Pocket Power Plus
Former Electrical Engineer Dave Fink
starting cars with the
Pocket Power Plus
in our parking lot.
  • The Pocket Power Plus provides peace of mind when you add it to your vehicle's emergency kit!  (It has a simple, single ON/OFF control and a built-in flashlight which can be used normally... or... in an emergency, it becomes a flashing strobe light.  It even has an SOS distress call mode which could be especially handy for boaters!)
  • It's nearly bulletproof electrically!  (All of the Pocket Power Plus connections are reverse-polarity protected and the automatic charge control will not allow it to over-charge or over-discharge.  Further, the battery is fuse-protected from over-current.)
  • It's "solar ready" so you can charge it literally anywhere in the world. Seamless solar-ready technology makes it easy to "point, plug and power up" your unit. (Optional solar panel required.)
  • And much, much more!

Pretty amazing, don't you agree?  And...

Here's what our customers are saying:

"It (the Pocket Power Plus) is such a handy tool! I want to give one to all my kids and their spouses. My youngest daughter, who lives with us along with her spouse and 7 month old daughter, was asked by her friend to come jump start her car. The timing couldn't be more perfect since we'd just gotten it the week before. When she got out of the car her friend was like, 'why didn't you pull your car up closer?'

"My daughter whipped out the Pocket Power Plus, connected the cables and started her friend's car with ease. Not only was her friend amazed but my daughter said she felt so hip, cool, and ready for anything. She never goes anywhere now that she doesn't carry ours. It easily fits in her baby's diaper bag too."
-- Debi from Cedar Hill, Texas

"My very skeptical husband was aggravated because he's been having to boost the riding mower every time he wanted to use I take him this small charger and he says "that won't work.". When he turned the crank one time... you could see the stress drain out of him. Wow! He was amazed! You've got a customer for life! Glad I was listening to Glenn Beck! PS. I bought 6 for gifts!"
-- Sandy S. from Borderland, WV

"After purchasing many things from you, I have to tell you that the Pocket Power Plus is the best. All four of my kids have been given one... One of my daughters was having a problem with her car and used the Pocket Power Plus five times in one week to start her car before she could get it into the mechanic.

When my children go fishing they take them with them and can use their computers and iPads while they are camping. When they were first introduced to it they were not nearly as excited as when they discovered how useful and great it was... When my daughter travels she is constantly asked what it is by other passengers and especially TSA agents when they see it. Needless to say, we are a very happy Pocket Power Plus family." -- Merrily from Las Vegas, NV

"I purchased 2 units from you and they went into use right away. I jump started my motorhome with a 454 GMC Engine that had not been started in several months due to an open heart surgery that kept me from driving. I jump started it not just once, but 4 separate times and all of us were amazed. When I said I was going to get the jump starter, my buddy said, 'You're not supposed to carry anything heavy!' I ordered 2 more units on the phone the very next morning and I received an order confirmation.

"These units are fantastic. They worked just as your advertisement stated they would. I am going to send one to my son and daughter in law (US Air force neonatologist) stationed on the Island of Okinawa, Japan and one to my oldest son in Las Vegas. The third unit I'm giving to a dear friend who is disabled with Muscular Dystrophy and can only afford an older vehicle which sometimes is not as reliable as he would like ... Thanks for the opportunity to help them." -- Jim from Las Vegas, NV

"I got mine in yesterday, gave it to my hubby for our Anniversary which was today. He has 2 muscle cars, and this morning he took his 70 Chevelle SS to town. He had not drove it for a while, and apparently a wire came loose from the alternator.

When he got home, he walked in the door and told me 'I am impressed with that thing you gave me...I got to Lowes and when I came out the car would not start. I had put the charger in the car just for the heck of it before I left the house. My first thought is there is no way it will jump a big block motor, but I hooked it up anyway. I was going to let it sit and charge for a bit, then decided the heck with it, and turned the key. The car started RIGHT UP...You better buy another one for the Impala.'" -- Donna from Murray, KY

"We are in the middle of getting a patio put in our backyard. This morning, the contractors had barely started work when the CATerpillar died. Well, I pulled out my Pocket Power Plus and jumped it! Boy, did this lady win some cool points with those guys! Needless to say, they were truly impressed!! And so am I!" -- Rebecca D. from Poway, CA

"We bought your pocket power plus a few months ago and boy are we impressed! We have used it to charge our phones, our tablets and also to jump more than a few cars with dead batteries! It's amazing that something so small has so much power! Everyone that we show it to (and there have been many), loves this thing, and are amazed at its size and power! When we first opened the box, we thought that it would never do all of the things that it does, but boy were we surprised! Thank you so much! It's such a great value and has saved a few people from being stranded! Gary has even started looking for people to help! He loves it so much! It's in use every day at our place!" -- Susan & Gary P. from Paulden, AZ

"My Pocket Power Plus jumped my son's 3/4 ton diesel truck. Sure enough, it took right off! It made a believer out of him." -- Dan P. from IL

"A funny thing happened the other week near the Florida Space Station that blew my socks off. I had just received two of the Power Pocket Plus units and decided to really put them to the test - could I believe the hype that this little device could both fit in my pocket and also start a car? My son-in-law and I were looking at my old Chevy Halfback with a totally dead battery - so dead that it would not even light the dome light or play the radio. I figured this was NOT a fair test - but I was curious.

"Within three seconds the engine sprung to life - and we just looked at each other with utter unbelief! It didn't seem possible - because even my standard battery charger wouldn't move it. No, I won't need to use the guarantee! Now, I'm looking at my motor scooter and camper - so I will need two more Pocket Power Pluses ASAP. Can you spare two more from stock? " -- Dick from Las Vegas, NV

"Absolutely, I'm a believer!

"Received my order yesterday. I had some concern about the car jump starting claims. Those concerns were laid to rest this afternoon when I jump-started a Lincoln Town Car. I am amazed. Thank you for this outstanding product." -- Guy L. from San Antonio, TX

"I purchased your Pocket Power Plus last year and had not used it. When I went out to my car this morning the battery was dead. My husband is traveling so he could not help me. I got out the Pocket Power Plus, read the directions and started up my car. It was so easy! I highly recommend this product to anyone considering it." -- J. Carlson from Illinois
Here's What Makes
This All Possible!

Earlier I mentioned that there has been a recent breakthrough in battery technology.  The breakthrough is an advanced type of battery that evolved from lithium-ion batteries. 

It's called a Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery. 

These batteries are more powerful (that is, they have more energy density) than their predecessors... and... can be shaped to almost any size or design needed.  And that's what makes the Pocket Power Plus so powerful... yet... so compact and portable.

Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube sets the National Hot Rod Association's Super Pro class world speed record with Altairnano's new generation of lithium batteries.

These batteries are already starting to power the next generation of battery-powered electric vehicles.  And get this, these batteries are so powerful, since April 2011...

They Have Been Responsible For Several
World Drag Racing Speed Records!

Now I hope you see why I'm so excited about the Pocket Power Plus

In any case, by now I'm sure you are wondering how much the Pocket Power Plus costs.  Well...

Here's The Deal:

The retail price of the unit is $249.00. However, as a special introductory offer, you have three options (or deals) for the next week only!

Good Deal: Order one unit at $119.97. (More than Half Off!)

Better Deal: Order three units for just $279.97 and Iíll even give you FREE SHIPPING! (A $514.88 Discount!)

Best Deal: Order six units for just $499.97 and I'll still give you FREE SHIPPING! (That's A HUGE Discount of $1089.73!!!)

AND... just to ease your mind, I also want you to know that I am shouldering all the risk until you actually try out the Pocket Power Plus and see for yourself just how good it really is... with our...

90-Day "Guaranteed Tough"
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's How It Works: Try out the Pocket Power Plus under any conditions.  If it fails to perform as I've described here... or... it breaks or malfunctions in any way, just return it to my office and you'll receive a prompt refund of your full purchase price (less shipping and handling).  No hassles.  No questions asked.

But that's not all I am going to do!  I'm going to include...

How To Protect Yourself And Your
Family In The Coming Hard Times!

This is one of our most popular books, and we're going to give you the eBook version for free.  Inside you will discover more than 1122 tips, tricks and secrets for living a healthier, safer, lower cost, more self-reliant life!

From survival gardening, to alternative health, to effective homesteading, to self-defense and more... there's something in this e-guide for everyone.

Whether you just want to live a better, more natural lifestyle... or... achieve total "off-the-grid" self-sufficiency this eBook can show you how.

This is a $29.97 value and it yours to keep... even if... you decide the Pocket Power Plus isn't right for you and you return it for a full refund.  It's my way of saying thanks for giving it a try. 

Fair enough?  If so...


For Fastest Service: Click the "ADD TO CART" button at the bottom of this page, and it will take you to our 24-hour secure online order form.

For Fast Service: Have your credit card ready and call the Priority Order Hotline and tell one of my friendly staff members you want to order the Pocket Power Plus.  They'll take care of the rest.  The number to call is...

(Priority Order Hotline)

To Order By Check Or Money Order:

Solutions From Science, Inc.
Attn: Pocket Power Plus
2200 Illinois Rt. 84
P.O. Box 518
Thomson, IL 61285

Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to: Solutions From Science

solar stageOh, by the way... I almost forgot... I invite you to come to our Portable Power Showroom to ask us questions or actually pick up your Pocket Power Plus. (Always call ahead so I can make sure our Solar Backup Consultants are in the office.) We really love having the chance to chat with our customers and we have a retail store so you can touch and feel a solar generator.

We're very easy to find. Right on Highway 84 about a block up from the Savanna-Thomson State Bank. Our warehouse is also in Thomson, right across from the police station. If you do come to see us, I suggest getting a cup of coffee and a bite to eat in our world famous Heirloom Market And Café while you are here.


Bill Heid, President
Solutions From Science, Inc.

P.S.  The Pocket Power Plus really is a dream for travel. Our local airport was so excited about the product's potential... they let us shoot video footage on the terminal side (which is normally impossible to get permission to do because of security) so we could demonstrate the "power possibilities" for air travelers. Pretty cool.

P.P.S. Every Pocket Power Plus order comes with a FREE eBook copy of ďThe Big Book Of Off The Grid Secrets.Ē This is a $29.97 value and itís yours to keep even if you decide that the Pocket Power Plus isnít right for you..

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